K9 in Motion Wellness Loyalty Rewards Program

K9 in Motion Wellness is introducing a Loyalty Points system for our clients effective October 1st, 2018. Points will be rewarded and accumulated on Services within the clinic only. Our clients will be rewarded 5 points for every $25.00 spent.  Clients must produce their Loyalty card at time of redeeming points. Cards can only be used by the pet owner listed on the account and/or their spouse.  One card will be issued per client, and cannot be used by other members of the family unless authorized by the owner of K9 in Motion.


U-Wash-and-Go / 40 points

Hydrotherapy Session 30 mins /150 Points

Feline Massage 15 mins  /30 Points

Canine Partial Massage 20 mins / 50 Points

$5 Gift Certificate / 50 Points

$10 Gift Certificate / 100 Points

$20 Gift Certificate / 200 Points

$30 Gift Certificate / 300 Points